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Experts of Raisin GmbH have a wide experience in forwarding activity, customs registration and cargo insurance.
We carry out optimum cargo’ transportation; we carry out flexible prices.

We are glad to mutually advantageous cooperation!

  • Freight forwarding

  • The company Raisin GmbH provides overland freight forwarding services for all types of freight including:

    Ordinary cargo. Freight with the full load of the trailer (FTL), freight with partial load (LTL) and consolidated load

    - Container cargo
    - Freight requiring refrigeration (refrigerator containers, reefers)
    - Dangerous cargo.(ADR/IMO) including processing of all accompanying documentation
    - Dangerous cargo carried refrigerated including processing of all requested and accompanying documentation.
    - Dangerous cargo carried refrigerated including processing of all requested and accompanying documentation.
    - Express Delivery is a courier service available for small (compact) cargo measuring up to 15 cubic meters. From Frankfurt International Airport it can travel to any destination in Europe and in Russia.
    - Valuable Cargo If you would like to have your cargo transported in the Russian territory with armed security escort, we offer you such services.

    Among our freight forwarding overland routes are the following:

    - European
    - From any European country to Russia
    - From any European to any C.I.S. country including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan.

    The overland services provided by our company have a reputation of being one of the leading and most reliable in Europe. The company meets the strictest European quality standards and uses the most modern means of transport, as well as the most reliable routes, all at competitive prices.

  • Warehouse services

  • The range of services provided by our company include:

    - Temporary Cargo Storage in the depots in Germany, Italy, China, Russia and France.
    - Long-term and short-term storage service.
    - Customs depots under customs authorities – storage of goods awaiting payment of tax and customs whereby the period of time and the quantity of goods for customs clearance is set by the client.
    - Storage and stocktaking of goods, their distribution and delivery as per client's request.
    - Pooling of cargos (Consolidation) - transporting of cargos from various parts of Europe and concentrating them in the central depot in Frankfurt before centralised dispatch to their respective final destinations in the territory of Russia and the C.I.S.
    - Classification of cargos – collection of goods, their delivery to and sorting in the central depot in Frankfurt and following that, dispatch to their respective final destinations.
    - Weighing, marking, modern packaging service and the like.
    - Tailor-made logistics solutions as per client's request.

  • Insurance

  • Overland freight forwarding is effectuated according to the CMR convention – an international convention regulating freight-forwarding by road - cargo insurance which guarantees reimbursement in a case of an insurance claim, damage of goods while transporting, all in accordance with the above-mentioned convention.

    Upon client's request, goods can be insured to their full value.

  • Whereas the customs procedure in Europe presents a fairly simple formality, that same procedure in Russia is overloaded with numerous bureaucratic difficulties. Many businesses are not in a position to independently solve the problem of customs clearance in Russia. This task requires appropriate experience, knowledge and professional preparation.

    We provide professional and reliable services of customs clearance in Russia and also, customs processing for export and import cargos, filling in the customs declarations, certificates of origin and of conformity as well as all required additional documentation.

  • Individual service

  • Assistance with your search for reliable partners outside of your home country.

    Arranging business trips, negotiations, escort during your trips, translation and interpreting service

    Assistance with closing deals, arranging orders and the like

    Assistance with signing contract and supply of information every step of the way

    Direct contact with a contractor/recipient abroad through one of our agents

    Reception of goods from a contractor’s warehouse along with processing all the accompanying documentation

  • Information support

    Информационная поддержка

  • All the lorries belonging to the group are equipped with GPS and navigation tools which allows the company and the clients in an online mode to follow the transportation of cargos and goods at any time and receive current and exact information on the vehicle's location and an estimated time of arrival at its destination.

    Our company provides:
    - Strict surveillance of cargo transportation using GPS
    - Exact and complete information on the current location of the cargo
    - Coordinating of documentation processing, both at customs and transportation levels, according to the requirements of the Client / Contractor.

  • To Central Europe within 24 hours, To Eastern Europe within 48 hours, To Russia and the Baltic States within 72 hours (From Frankfurt Airport)

    Courier Services – fast, efficient express shipments to any destination in Europe (including Russia) via Frankfurt Airport, the most central airport in Europe for cargo flights.

    Raisin GmbH has special dispatch vehicles for delivering goods to any destination in Europe, including Russia, the CIS and the Baltic States. Raisin GmbH express courier services are an excellent alternative (and often a cheaper one) to sending small packages or valuable goods by airfreight.

    This door-to-door service can also include customs clearance (even in Russia), if the client so requests. The cargo is transferred from the airport to its final destination in the same vehicle. The company has designated vehicles for transporting goods up to 15 cubic meters and a maximum weight of 1100 kg.


    • Financially Worthwhile – Inland express courier services are often cheaper than airfreight. This service is especially worthwhile for volumetric goods.
    • Safer – The service is considered safer than by trailer, and enables transportation of valuable goods.
    • Faster – Delivery time is at least as fast as airfreight, and for some destinations even faster.
    • Saves Time – Fast, designated transportation: Each transport session is carried out exclusively for the client, without consolidating shipments and without delays that are caused by dealing with additional goods or collecting/ delivering goods from/ to additional destinations.
    • Efficient – Once the goods are collected, the same designated vehicle transports them to their final destination. With express courier services to Russia, the vehicle collects the goods from Frankfurt Airport, transports them to the customs terminal in Russia, clears them from customs and continues to transport the cleared goods to their final destination.
    • Flexible – Able to transport cargo up to 180 cm high.
    • Tracking – The goods remain in the same vehicle from the moment they are taken off the plane at Frankfurt Airport until they reach their final destination. This simplifies tracking, as the goods can easily be tracked 24 hours a day.
    Time Frame:

    • From Frankfurt to Central Europe – within 24 hours
    • From Frankfurt to Eastern Europe – within 48 hours
    • From Frankfurt to Moscow – within 3 days

    This service includes insurance, in accordance with the CMR Convention (an international convention for the transportation of goods). Goods can be insured up to their full value, as per the client’s request.

  • Assembled freight-forwarding -

    is transportation of small (мелькогабаритный ) cargo from various clients/contractors travelling in one direction and in a single vehicle. The main advantages of assembled freight-forwarding are cost-saving and comfort of transportation in this manner. Considerable cost-saving is achieved through effective use of cargo space.
    The main link in the chain of freight-forwarding of assembled cargo is consolidation of small batches from several dispatchers in our central depot in Frankfurt am Main. The consolidation depot Raisin GmbH serves as the departure point for regular transportation of assembled cargo
    According to the required route. The duration of cargo delivery in this case varies depending on the time required to build a batch, on the route which the vehicle will take and on other factors.
    We effectuate assembled freight-forwarding using road, aviation and maritime means of transport.
    As a rule, assembled cargos are delivered door-to-door.; however, other logistic chains are possible: 'Door-to-depot', 'Depot-to-depot', 'Depot-to-door'.

    The company 'Raisin GmbH' provides a range of services which cover transporting of dangerous goods by road and maritime transport.

  • An Oversized cargo is a type of cargo whose parameters exceed the measurements permitted and set by the rules of traffic norms. In other words, an oversized measurement is a cargo measurement which is impossible to fit into a standard vehicle.

    To this type of cargo belong, as a rule, various kinds of equipment, special technology, building constructions and the like, for example, yachts, boats, derricks, gas turbines, boilers, excavators, lifts, other large objects which are distinguished by their special measurements, shapes and weight.

    When it comes to cargo transportation, each and every detail must be taken into consideration, reflected upon and acted upon.

    We provide a full range of services to deliver any oversized cargo!

  • There exist special kinds of cargos, the transportation of which requires appropriate temperature. To such kinds of cargoes belong the following types of goods: confectionery and chocolate, fruit and vegetables, cooled or refrigerated seafoods and fish, meat and its products, deep-frozen products, goods belonging to the category of dangerous elements, chemical products .

    The unique feature of the above-mentioned type of transportation is the fact that they require the use of special technology and a specially equipped means of transport. The company Raisin GmbH is pleased to offer specialized refrigerators with fitted-in refrigerator equipment which allow to regulate temperatures both above and below zero.

    • Transportation of cargo on direct flights of air cargo companies, IATA-members on all routes worldwide
    • Transportation of dangerous goods (DGR)

      The main advantage of which air cargo companies boast is their speed. Also, airplanes do not have limitations. Where a car/train will not go, an airplane will deliver a cargo.
    • Charter flight (full or partial load)

      Charter airfreight is extremely valuable in this age of international economic relations which are ever getting closer. In situations where there is a pressing need to ship a cargo to a difficult-to-access area or simply due to a long distance in the CIS countries, Russia or to another continent, cargo charter companies are irreplaceable.
    • Customs clearance

      International air freight forwarding must receive customs clearance which is done by way of customs declaration and payment of all fees and charges.
    • AWB – Air Waybill in accordance with regulations

      An AWB is the main document which contains the necessary information about the cargo being transported. An AWB always follows along with the cargo it represents and serves as a confirming document of the fact that the cargo is being transported.
    • Import processing at the Frankfurt am Main airport (FRA)

      Direct IATA traffic to all worldwide destinations
      - DRG consignments
      - Direct and partial charter
      - Customs processing
      - Issuing of an Air Waybill (AWB) in accordance with regulations in place.
      - Import processing at FRA airport

    • FCL (Full container load)

      Why does a container delivery make sense?
      Full Container load, i.e. load delivery in containers saves costs for several important reasons simultaneously.
      - Container delivery enables to pack goods as tightly as possible, making the most of all available space.
      - Oceanfreight FCL is considerably cheaper than any other means
      - The use of containers simplifies loading and unloading of goods on the very ships on which they are being transported, as well as at the delivery of goods to their destination.
    • LCL (Less-Than-Container Load)

      LCL is not a full-container or collected load. A more economical and, at the same time, more demanding means of international freight. For clients who ship a small quantity of goods which is not enough to fill a whole container, this is the best option. It makes no difference if the load is imported or exported the LCL (collected load) option can considerably reduce your transport costs.
    • Combined freight

      Is domestic or international freight by means of different types of forwarding.
      The cargo travels to its destination by 2 or more means of transport based on a single contract. Combined freight distinguishes itself by combined freight connections carried out by different means of transport, railway, road, ocean and air.

  • It is more reliable and safe to ship cars purchased in the E.U. to Russia in car transporter. This method of transportation has earned an excellent reputation of being quick and reliable, but also as the ideal option of price-quality ratio. Suited to dispatch exclusive and sports vehicles is covered car transporter.

    Maritime shipping of an automobile is possible using 2 methods which guarantee the cargo’s safety. By ferry to Saint Petersburg or Helsinki or in a container transporter to other ports of Russia and worldwide the vehicle will be transported in full comfort.

    In case this is urgent our agency provides the service of shipping by air to remote regions of Russia and worldwide. The main advantage using air freight is its significant time-saving factor.

    To transport a vehicle, it is loaded into a cargo hold/cargo bay/cargo section and is fixed on a special platform that prevents the vehicle from any movement upon takeoff and landing.

    VIP Transportation of luxury vehicles. We present individual solutions according to your requirements and our experience and talent enable us to deliver your vehicles to their destination.

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